Multiple Monitors, Windowed Full-Screen and Crossfire


Jan 25, 2010
Just had a new monitor arrive a couple days ago (HP ZR30W 30")- now using my Hanns G 28" as productivity screen. Also use it to have MSI Afterburner etc running. The plan was to run games on the main screen and be able to seamlessly switch to a web browser, other programs etc.

What I just realized is that in full screen mode you can't use other windows- you're confined to that one program currently running. You have to minimize or alt+tab to use another program, at which point it's not seamless. The next option is to go full screen (windowed mode)- the problem is that Crossfire and SLI don't support this mode. I run 2x HD 5850 1GB. Does anyone know of any kind of workaround for this or is "get a faster single card" the answer?

Additional question: I know 6990/590 are technically crossfire/sli on one board. Do these multi GPU cards take a performance hit when using full screen windowed mode (like actual crossfire/sli setups) or do they perform like one very fast card? If someone with one of these cards could weigh in it would be helpful vs speculation.


Oct 18, 2011

I have the exact same question and have not been able to find an answer to it.