Question Multiple PC problems: no display & no boot ?


May 4, 2018
PC Specs:
CPU: r3 2200g
MB: gigabyte ds3h b450
RAM: hyperx 4x4gb
GPU: xfx radeon rx580
PSU: coolermaster 500w
STORAGE: 1tb HDD + 120gb SSD + 240gb SSD
MONITOR: AOC 2260vwq6, connected with HDMI

Very recently, out of nowhere, my pc would BSOD with "exception not handled" (can't remember) but then it would just black screen, i would hear sound for a sec then the sound would glitch then PC restarts. After my brother was trying to fix by changing drivers and opening the case and reseating gpu and ram, the gpu would just not display anything. Connected hdmi into motherboard and works fine with integrated graphics, device manager only detects iGPU.

My brother helped me again and somehow the gpu showed up in device manager, saying that drivers are malfunctioning or something, and after updating them, the following morning it worked again. After playing some games, minecraft crashed saying drivers are not up to date, but amd software says they are up to date. Restarted Minecraft, it worked fine but then again got a black screen, weird sound and restart.

MSI afterburner shows that temperatures are fine. I checked on the internet for someone with a similar problem, and they said they fixed it by changing the psu cable, but my psu is not modular. I opened the case, and the gpu cable has two 6+2 pin connectors on the same cable in series, so i switched which one is connected and when trying to start pc another problem, fans are spinning case lights ON, mobo light ON, gpu light ON, but keyboard and mouse lights OFF, and no display from gpu and no display from iGPU.

Right now I'm trying to clear cmos by taking out cmos battery. My quite old house is NOT grounded so i cant work on pc while its on or it will shock me if i touch the case. I didnt check psu voltages because i dont have a multimeter. Right now i want a fix for the pc just to boot, and then a fix for the black screen crash would be appreciated.

Motherboard has no error beeps.