Question Multiple Ping spikes most times of the day (Wired connection)

Apr 21, 2021
Well as title says this is a problem i had since a couple of months now and tbh I lost count on how many times I talked with my internet provider with no fix. I have a 180 mb plan if any of this helps, when I do the speedtest most of the time I get around 10-20 ping and 120 download speed but the problem are the huge spikes that I can detect In the cmd. The last time I talked to them they changed me from NAT 3 to NAT 2 which helped a bit but still I have huge random spikes across the day (gonna link some images from my cmd pinging

One is with my decent ping which I manage to get from time to time in the afternoon and almost all the time from 1 am - 5 am.

Im out of ideas on how I can fix this so I hope I can find a solution here!


Jun 14, 2016
What kind of provider to you subscribe to? Cable? Satellite?

If you use a VPN this can happen. I had a similar issue. Changing my DNS settings from my ISP to Cloudflare fixed it. I also rolled back then updated my adapter
They of course will blame google.

Spikes that look like this are load related. Some connection is overloaded and holding/delaying data.

You want to run tracert and test again to some of the IP in the trace. Hop 1 is your router you should never see issues here on ethernet. Hop 2 is the connection between your house and the ISP. Problems here generally are if you are overloading the plan you buy. Be careful it could be upload bandwidth that you are exceeding. Now there is small chance it could be your all your neighbors together are overloading the segment to the houses near you. This is very uncommon since ISP have huge band width but smaller ISP still have this issue.

This past hop 2 get messy because it is either inside your ISP network or between ISP.....the reason the ISP will blame google is it could very well be the someplace in googles network.

In any case you must do some more detailed ping tests to find it.
Apr 21, 2021
It's cable, I don't use VPN and have friends near my zone with the same plan as me and their ping is fine. I already did ipconfig and ping to all my routes and they are all fine. What is weird is that as shown in one of the pictures I can have decent ping with no jumps then suddenly my ping go nuts.
Two things I would try One is run and see what you get.

The next is to boot a linux live cd/usb and run there. If the results are better, then its a windows issue.

I'd also run on some other device if you have one.
If you ping your router and it is fine then you must ping the ISP first router and more routers in the path until you find it.

You are now doing the ISP job for them but the vast majority of people or technical idiots so the ISP will always assume it is their PC.

Note if you have any of that stupid gamer QoS stuff installed you want to uninstall it. It comes packaged with some motherboards and there is similar program you can get with some video cards. This causes all kinds of strange issues and can only do QoS between processes inside the machine itself so it is completely worthless...unless you are dumb and run bit torrent at the same time you play games.