Question Multiple Projectors for a Hallway

May 7, 2019
My office has a few long hallways and they recently had a wall wrap put along one. The boss loved it, and asked for a equally awesome solution for the rest; bonus points for it being interactive and techy. Money is basically unlimited.

The solution my team is looking into is covering one entire wall with projections (think similar to projection mapping on the side of a building). The idea is to display video, schematics, etc of the awesome things we do, but to also have the ability for it to be a "single display" (eg. a giant virtual fish tank with fish swimming up and down the wall seamlessly).

A major target of the end system would be a lack of the "black box" effect you get around the perimeter of projections, like you see when watching a movie with the black bars and you can faintly see them, allowing you to see the full area of the projection. Instead, it would be great if the projector just didn't project anything in those areas, leaving only the actual projected image visible.

I am looking for suggestions for projector type and hardware to support such an endeavor, as well as any advice for proper setup. Additionally, if anyone knows of a company who does these kind of installations, that would be appreciated!


Apr 30, 2012
I would suggest contacting a tech company that does these things professionally because they would have access to the hardware, software and have the experience to put it together in your space for you. Most of the things similar to what you are talking about are used with TVs (especially touch screen TVs) in things like children's hospitals and such.

Using a projector is possible, but if you are using a hallway for this purpose placing the projector(s) so that they are out not sticking out like a sore thumb and not impending the image projection (it would get distorted or blocked every time someone walked in front of it) would be pretty difficult. So the overall look and experience may come across as cheap and not professional.

Combining that with not being hampered by a low budget, means it would really be best to hand off the task to experts in that area. That way they can take care of all the hard work, teach your staff how to utilize it, and trouble shoot problems you may have in the future. Not to forget that it would be much more professional looking and get the most of the space while showcasing better for potential clients.