Question Multiple Radiators for Liquid Cooling

Dec 1, 2020

So I'm in the planning stages of building a pc and I'm just watching a bunch of videos of different builds and I generally know how to assemble the parts and whatnot. However, some thick, monster builds confuse me a little with the CPU liquid cooling. Like, I know how to install a simple liquid cooler, however, I'm seeing these guys install multiple radiators in the massive full tower, and I just wanted to know if it was necessary to have multiple radiators or should I just stay with the one radiator I have. Btw, I'm going with the nzxt z73 kraken.


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The Kraken is an AIO or 'all in one' cooler. It still uses the concepts used by custom watercooling, but in a self-contained cooler to make it easier. They aren't as powerful, but can provide solid cooling for most users.

Custom watercooling can utilize multiple radiators, blocks, pumps and other components, which is more along the lines of what you are mentioning.

Custom watercooling and AIOs don't really 'work together' in terms of using them to connect to one another as AIO is self-contained and sealed; opening these voids the warranty, although there are some higher-end AIOs which are able to be expanded to work with custom watercooling components, but the NZXT, Corsair, Cooler Master, Cougar, ID Cooling, DeepCool, etc AIOs do not have this capability.
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