Question Multiple router setup


May 13, 2012
I have a netgear nighthawk M1 router. I must have this as it is a broadband router. However, I want to attached two additional routers. One for VPN connections, and one for NOT VPN connections. meanwhile, I want to add my deco mesh in the mix.

What is the setup I need if one of my routers has VPN capability and the other does not?

I want

Nighthawk Router - Router 1 - Router 2

Router 2 has native VPN capability. Router 1 needs to be regular use. Nighthawk is not going to do anything other than give us internet.

How do I set this up? Is this going to be LAN to LAN or LAN to WAN....or some hybrid mix?
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The easiest way is to just hook the wan port of each router to the main router lan. Then hook the devices that need vpn to the vpn router.

If you want devices on both networks it is going to get very complex very fast. The largest issue is you are going to have to have lists of what traffic uses vpn and what traffic does not.

One method is to use a single router and configure what traffic uses the vpn and what traffic bypasses the vpn.

Otherwise you are going to have to put lists in every end device.


you dont need to add routers for this. you need to add routes from your router to vpn clients/servers. make sure your clients get the same using static leases or manual config static ip in the client. many dhcp servers allow you to set static leases with 1 click which is easy. you can add forwarding rules to make all traffic from those clients go to the correct vpn gateway.