Question Multiple storage failures possibly related to power regulation. Require help diagnosing the cause.

Apr 2, 2021
First of thanks to any one who takes the time to help.

My friend has has a strange issue occur recently where any form of storage he places in his pc dies.
After multiple attempts to fix the issue we discovered removing hard drives would let him boot from his m2 drive but any attempt to boot with the hard drives in would cause a crash on the bios splash screen or "could not find bootable drive" error despite the m2 being in the system still.
Due to the wiring in his flat being horrific his tv and pc are plugged in to a surge protector which is plugged directly in to the outlet, however when the kitchen light is turned on or off his tv would temporarily display a black screen. His pc was plugged in to the same surge protector.
His psu and mobo were cheap and i advised he upgraded to something more sturdy and he got a new 750w be quiet psu, a aurus pro mobo, new ram, new case. Reseated his old cpu, gpu and m2 and a spare hard drive or 2 in the new set up and it ran fine for a day or two but after being powered down and then turned back on the issue persists and is no longer accepting the m2 drive.
I can't see it being a being a bios, psu or ram issue as indicated by swapping them all out not working. He didn't format his c drive when we set up the system so possibly a windows or software issue?
My gut tells me that his wall outlet is somehow spiking or dipping in voltage when he hits the kitchen lights and that's (hopefully) passing through his psu and motherboard safely due to their voltage regulation but then nuking the hard drives due to their self sacrificing design to prevent shorts. My only advice for him then would be invest in a ups to plug valuable electronics in to but i really don't want to tell him he needs to spend another big chunk of money on equipment. I've advised him to leave the rig alone until i can get to his 2 days from now so once again, any help or advice at this point would be beyond appreciate.

His specs:
Gigabyte aurus pro b450
16gb 3200 crucial ballistix ddr4
ryzen 5 1600 (my old chip so i think should be healthy)
palit 6gb gtx 1060 oc
be quiet 750w psu semi modular
128gb of generic cheap m2 (my old m2 which i believe was healthy )
mixed bag of varying quality hard drives.
windows 10 home

edit: the same time his storage died this time his router (also plugged in to the surge protector burned out?
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Mar 11, 2021
This definitely could be caused by drastic power fluctuations. If the power surges are big enough, the HDD's control board could die, and the hard drive will stop working. Don't quote me on this, but I believe that the same could happen to his M.2. Seeing as both his router and PC were damaged when plugged into the same surge protector, the surge protector could be faulty.