multiple temporary problems in system

Dec 11, 2018
hi,I've got multiple problems occurring in my system i managed to "fix" them (not even sure how)
so ill list the problems that im was experiencing by oldest to newest
1)i started getting an unusual high cpu usage (while gaming)
2)twice during boot the cpu fans went into 100% speed and[strike][/strike] i didn't get post boot beep,(disconnecting the power and holding power button for 30sc helped)
3)i lost half of all the temp reading in speedfan (although other temp reading programs show them)
4)after disconnecting the pc from power for more than 6 hours it took him alot of "recovery time" (if i tried turning it on after 1 minute of connecting the power it would turn itself on for 2 seconds and turn itself off and repeat(i tried disconnecting the power and pressing the power button for 30 seconds)only after letting it stay connected to power for more than 10 minute it finally booted up normally (while i had this problem i read that reattaching the motherboard psu cable might help,i tried unattaching it while pressing the pin that releases it and i couldn't unattach it
also i tried uninstalling every component from the motherboard 1 by on and left with motherboard,psu and cpu and still didn't get post boot beep)
4)computer went into black screen then restarted while gaming,then after windows booted to desktop restarted again after 1 minute,then again,then tried the 10 seconds power button while power is off,booted up got 2 short beeps(gigabyte manual said its cmos problem)disconnected power pressed for 30 sc on power button and the pc booted up to windows and didnt restart,but started up in resolution of 600*800,reinstalled nvidia driver through geforce experience,restarted pc still stuck at 600*800,tried reinstalling by downloading directly from nvidia restarted problem persisted
so i used DDU program to delete the driver and reinstalled nvidia and ddu now shows i got nvidia driver installed

also sometimes at random times i had a problem that i get a post boot beep but screen was black and restarting didn't help,while sometimes i tried restarting with the monitor connected to the on board gpu sometimes i did get a signal and sometimes it kept on being black (30 sc pressing on power button while power is off helped)

all of my handling inside the pc were while attached with a anti static wrist band and power supply switch on off

my specs are:
psu: corsair vs650 [strike][/strike]bronze 80+
ram :kingston khx1600c9d3/8gx x2
motherboard:gigabyte GA-Z97M-D3H
cpu:intel i5 4690k
graphic card:nvidia geforce 970gtx
hard disk/ssd:
1)kingston sv300s37a-480g
2)wdc wd10ezrx--00a3kb0
3)wdc wd5000aakx-001ca0

the reason why im typing that is because i cant pinpoint the component thats causing all these problems,i dont have any spare parts that i can use to replace component to check if they are the cause of problem
i read that most of these problems are motherboard or psu problems,but because that there are the variety of issues i was hoping that it was possible to pinpoint the culprit
thanks in advance

p.s computer is 1.5 years old and using windows 10 not overclocked max cpu temp while stress testing a week ago showed 70c and max gpu temp i saw was 70c