Multiple Variable Case Fans - Possible?


Apr 4, 2012
Hi There,

My first post on this forum!

I was looking at getting some of these 256 colour case fans:

But i noticed that they all come with a massive controller to put in the back of your pc. Now if i bought 3 or 4 of these, it would be a tad daft having 3 or 4 controllers in the back of my PC. Does anyone know if it is possible to get more of these fans and plug them into one controller?

If not, are there alternatives? Possibly software that can control them? My main reason for doing so, is to get some decent orange fans in my case, and in the UK, its impossible to find any decent ones. Also, it would be nice to switch the LEDs off when I go to bed, and keep the PC on.

I don't think I would ever let it cycle the colours.

Thanks in advance.


Jul 5, 2011
look on newegg, there are orange colored fans no leds though, seemed to be oretty nice fans, and also you could get a semi cheap front fan controller and get fans that will fit with that, also you might be able to detach the controller for half the fans and drill new holes to mount the wiring and such from one onto the other, kind of like how small form factor video cards can have the D-sub port inserted on a second panel. that link just goes to teh homepage so i am not sure exactly what the fans look like.