Multiplier or lower RAM?


Dec 4, 2008
E7400... I'm just wondering as I've easily (p95 checked) OC'd to 3.4 just waiting to go higher when I have some time off... but...
Vcore stable (will lower/raise if I get errors but sitting at 1.24-1.25 right now), cores stable at 49o (stock 2.8Ghz). When I go to 3.4 cores hit about 52o... not my concern as vcore etc can be adjusted etc etc... what I'm wondering is:
Would I be better off at say 3.6G w/346FSB @ 10.5 multiplier Ram 692Mhz or 3.6G w/400FSB @ 9 allowing me to ram-it at 1:1 800Mhz.
My understanding and please correct me... is it is better to have (for the most part) a 1:1 as you're not speeding up and slowing down ram read/writes. Lowering my X will give me the highest (800) my ram allows at the moment so should I not opt for that with a higher FSB? or is a lower FSB with a higher X better? I guess it's all about what you want to do. I would have to crank the chip to 4.2G @ 10.5x to get the 800mhz the ram can do so why wouldn't I want the fastest ram possible? Stupid? Perhaps.
Curious? Of course.
Help? Appreciated.

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