Mushkin Chronos 180GB - is it real?


Apr 1, 2005
A UK website is advertising the Mushkin Chronos 180GB 2.5" SATA-III Solid State Hard Drive as now being available for pre order for delivery in January.

However I can't see anything about it at

Does anyone know anything about this particular model?
Based on experience of the other Mushkin Chronos drvies should it be a good, reliable SSD option?

I just checked the ssd database which is pretty much up todate. The Mushkin Chronos 120, and 240 GB models have been listed for quite some time. I do not have any listing for a 180 GB model.

On December 15th Overclockers Club published a technical review of the new 60GB model. Here is the link:

Since Mushkin just released a 60GB model it is quite possible the company is also planning to release a 180GB model. I have seen pre-orders in the past at European web sites, especially in the UK.



What aload of BS you speak, mushkin held these drives back for 3 months so they could rigourously test the drives in house to their absolute limits to ensure stability & make damn sure they dont suffer with lockups like the ocz and corsair sata III ssd's do !
AllOfYourBase - Mushkin issued two firmware updates - version 322 last August and version 330 last October due to problems and issues some of which were related to SandForce Controllers used in Mushkin ssd's. The information and links to the firmware updates are located over in the Mushkin Enhaced Forums.