Question Music stops playing when screen turns off


Aug 13, 2013
Hello. I have an issue with my HP 15 laptop running windows 10 1809. When listening to music from chrome (I use, after 15 minutes my screen turns off (not sleep) and the music will stop playing until I move the mouse.

I already have CsEnabled = 0 in registry. I have checked in cmd the different power modes available, and I do not even have connected stanby available on my firmware, so CsEnabled shouldnt even matter. But before the 1809 update, after setting CsEnabled to 0, it was working perfectly, the screen could turn off and still listen to music.

Here is where it gets weird. If I restart my computer, everything works as it should ( I can listen to music with screen off). But if my computer goes to sleep (to sleep, not just turning off screen) which I do multiple times in the day to be able to resume work quickly, the problem starts. Music stops as if CsEnabled was enabled until my next reboot, where it will works as it should, until I put it to sleep once. This never happend before the 1809 update.

I know it is as simple as not putting the computer to sleep. But that is not what is bothering me. I want it to work as it should, like it was before the 1809 update.

I have already checked if hybrid sleep is off. Basically all power options that could cause the computer to sleep by itself are off. The only option on is the screen turning itself off, which I want. And thats what it does. I am sure it is not asleep, it is just the screen that turns off.


Jul 2, 2019
DISM is the newer tool and, in theory, should render SFC obsolete.

The above being said, I have repeatedly seen SFC fix something that a DISM run did not and vice versa. So when one doesn't effect a fix, or gives a clean result, I still suggest running the other. It certainly can't and doesn't hurt.