Mutiple blue screen error codes, windows 10, tried to reinstall on new hhd and still get error codes during os install!

Oct 8, 2018
note: sorry if I posted this in the wrong area, not sure which area to post in

I'm running Win10 on a Gateway with a q4900 quad psu, gtx480 gpu and 4 sticks of 2gb ram.

Recently I started getting blue screen error crashes just moments after booting up and the stop codes seem different and random. I've been getting codes such as:

System Service Exception
Kmode Exception Not Handled
IRQL Not Less Or Equal
Fat File System
Page fault in non paged area
Unexpected Kernal Mode Trap

and the list goes on. So I tried searching for disk errors, nothing found. I tried disconnecting all the hardware, dusted and reseated everything and that just seemed to make things worse! Before, I was able to use the computer for a while before it would crash, but now it crashes almost instantly.

So I just tried disconnecting all external devices, disconnected the hard drive and installed a brand new hard drive, fresh out the box. Went to install windows 10 on that hard drive and it crashed with blue screen errors before the install could even finish. The most common error there being "fat file system".

So at this point I don't even know what to think... it's clear to me that it's not software issue. Could it be a faulty ram chip? If it's the mainboard or psu then the whole computer is trash because it would cost more to replace those parts than the value of a new similar computer whole. Any ideas would be super. Thanks.


Question from drsheilacalhoun : "Mutiple blue screen error codes, windows 10, tried to reinstall on new hhd and still get error codes during os install!"

Oct 8, 2018

it's a new hhd right out the box. There was nothing to wipe, it's clean. Still getting the same errors. It crashed before I could even finish the os install from usb drive.
Oct 8, 2018

I used windows creation tool from a different pc running the same specs.


Oct 25, 2017
> "Page fault in non paged area"

this could be a failing disk drive or bad data (ie, due to power outage)

Please make sure you did a backup of your essential personal files.

Once that is "affirmed", re-install windows from the disk (let it wipe your disk drive clean). Then restore your files from your (backup).

However there are other possibles that come to mind ... seeing as you mentioned "it got worse after i unplugged and plugged all the connectors" ...

most probable hardware failures i think:

(0) if you assembled it? perhaps you bought the wrong fan (rpm matters), wrong memory, your bios settings are wrong for your cpu memory, etc. make sure you don't have any metal contacting where it shouldn't (use the right screw holes and risers).

take out all the cards and use built-in video for the time being. boot in safe mode.

(1) the power supply - they fail and cause weird things, most are made in china not too reliable. if it's an old pc not a brand new one always ask yourself if it could be causing things to go haywire.

(2) the fans are easily damaged if dusted (if they spin too slow you'll get errors)

(3) memory and cards. they need to be fully seated. you might need to lookitup and do that again.

(4) cheap keyboard and mice: they can cause win10 to go crazy if they are flawed or broken.

the fact you unplugged it all (i HOPE you had the power cord unplugged before doing all that) and blew out dust and it now works worse - makes me think power supply or it's connectors, or you didn't plug in all the connectors fully (fully seat all connectors, all cards)


unfortunately i see a kernel exception and page faults and stuff: but that doesn't mean memory is definitely the problem. i'd have to see more error reports and hear of more situations to really make more of that message you (partially reported to us). i can't say, for example, if a memory fault caused a fat read error or a disk data issue caused a segfault or a failing disk caused it. maybe if you could report more messages and more "situations"

really i think focus on backups and "complete re-install" if you still can do so