Question mutliple issues appearing - in need of desperate help.


Oct 25, 2018
Hello. I have a prebuilt HP that I thought was a great deal, but now it turns out it probably wasn't the wisest choice. Multiple issues have been appearing and I don't have money to replace any parts so my situation, worst-case could be the end of my pc :( I could add a link to the prebuilt if anybody would like.

The first issue, my disk drive sometimes spikes up to 100% usage and it stays there for a bit unless I close all applications and let my pc rest. When I play games, my FPS stutters tremendously - enough to make it unplayable - and I think this is the cause for it. Not sure.

The second issue, sometimes my pc just crashes. It only happened to certain games as of now, like Fortnite, destiny 2, and genshin impact. What basically happens is that my monitor goes black, and static-like sound is all I can hear. its a classic "error" sound. I can't do anything, so I have to resort to holding down my power button and restarting the pc. I think it could be only certain games because maybe others are harder to run? not sure. it is very concerning though and has happened numerous times.

The third issue, is recent. This image appears whenever I fullscreen a video, or the quality changes.
link to image View:

To add on, my computer has been progressively getting slower. Sad :(
All of these concern me a great amount, considering some people have told me I might have a dead GPU, and if that is true I don't have money to buy another.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.