Question MWF2: Very strange GPU and CPU behavior after latest Nvidia Driver install


Sep 15, 2016
Hello dear TH community, as many of you may know, Nvidia drivers have been a mess with MWF2 (crashes, stuttering and more), after installing latest driver (I did this because DLSS has better support than previous drivers and visibility is kind of an issue without that support-looks better with FidelityFX than DLSS but with lower performance) this is what I have noticed:
-Doesn't matter which GPU % target you put inside the game's options, it always goes up beyond 90%
-Nvidia official forums claim that you can correct that by turning off GPU Scheduling from Windows options (which I did but nothing happens, GPU +90% target keeps happening)
-I made regular monitoring using HWMonitor and GPU which showed me a 3% use of CPU no matter what!!! After opening Task Manager I could breathe again because I saw that the CPU usage was kind of around 50%, so I can confirm something is buggy with GPU Tweak III and HW Monitor (it is known some of this software can be super buggy)
So far, no one knows how to fix this +90% use of GPU which is thought is causing several issues such as:
-Random Crashes
-Irregular FPS (I go to 144FPS easily but it goes below 130 even without doing much) depending on the map
-Some freezes and stuttering

I will try to revert to the previous version even though I will have less visual quality with DLSS :( but if anyone knows some workaround it will be appreciated by me and many MWF2 players. Thanks again and have a great weekend guys!
Hey there,

You'll need to provide your full system specs, so we can judge better.

Why is going above 90% alarming to you? This is typical of GPU and means your GPU is working at its max potential.

Edit: By any chance are you running windows 11 22H2? If so, there is s bug which can cause weird FPS fluctuations, along with low CPU usage.
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