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Question MX150 vs MX250

Do MX150 perform as much as MX250?

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Nov 29, 2019
Hi everybody,
I previously asked to help me building a PC, but evalutating the circs I need a laptop; so I started looking for a quite good one. After a little time, I found a graphics card that could be what's right for me: GeForce MX250. But in some videos I heard that the previous model, GeForce MX150, has more or less the same performance. So, the question is: should I buy MX150 or MX250?
Really thanks in advance for the time you gave me,

p.s. For any questions, ask and I'll answer.


Generally, if you're looking at a more recently released laptop, you likely won't have the option between the two. It'll come with whatever GPU it comes with.

Benchmarks are a little tougher to find vs higher end (or desktop) GPUs, but IIRC, the MX150 was pretty standardized in implementation (power limits etc) whereas the MX250 had much more configurability on the part of the laptop manufacturer. They could choose to clock it lower, reduce it's power limits etc..... meaning one MX250 does not necessarily equal another MX250.