Question MX500 vs. WD Blue 3D 1TB choice for secondary storage

Nov 19, 2020
Hello, my first post here.

I searched everywhere, but my question wasn't answered.
I already own a NVMe drive of the highest spec (Adata SX8200 Pro 512GB), and I need a secondary drive, in my case that'd be a 1TB option.

In Europe the pricing is currently like this:
1TB Crucial MX500 - 110 Euro.
1TB WD Blue 3D - 105 Euro.
1TB Samsung 860 EVO - 145 Euro.

Should I just go for the cheapest one, since all of them have decent speeds, proper controllers, some data protection protocols, and none of them is DRAM-less?

My motherboard doesn't support another NVMe drive, nor I want to get rid of my 512GB NVMe drive to replace it with a bigger one.

If there's anything I'm missing about the differences in these drives that'd be worth the extra money - please let me know. Could it be that at this day and age there's something else I should be looking for in a drive, other than speed and reliability?