May 14, 2022

I need advice from technical specialists, employees of the PC and recommendations on where exactly I can prove my rights in the European Union,

My Dream Machines RX 2060 laptop (manufactured by CLEVO) had a 3 years warranty but after 2,5 years has turned sometimes to black screen. It was transferred to a european service center where they insistently claim that the video card (MXM RTX 2060) has mechanical damage!

I know for sure that this is not the case since I have never disassembled the laptop and of course I have not made any holes in the videocard, and so the laptop boots up normally and even passes some 3D Mark tests for now.

Those. I'm sure that this is a burnout of the components, the photos that the service center provided me, I'm attaching

Please tell me where I can apply for an independent technical expertise, maybe someone had similar cases, I am in Ukraine and I don’t have the opportunity now to physically go abroad because of the war.

the service center has been dragging this situation out for 2 months and propose me to buy a new videocard ..... but they still haven't made a final decision,

but I would like to understand how officially I can prove my rightness, and what specific steps I should take?

I showed these photos to several service engineers and some of them believe that this is a burnout, but they ask for a VGA card physically in order to examine it under a microscope and understand the smell

I'm situated in Ukraine, and the laptop in a service center in Germany for now

I know for sure that I did not do any mechanical damages and never gave my laptop to anyone and it was always under supervision.

Can you help please?




Did the service center provide any photos showing the other side of the card? If not ask for such photos.

That does not look like a "burn" hole to me. More like a screwdriver blade punched the card.

(There may be other thoughts and comments about the damage - so wait to see what else may be suggested.)

Which specific European Service Center has the laptop?

I am not sure (full disclosure) about your consumer rights in the EU and will thus defer to Forum members in the EU.

However, naming the service center and adding a few more details may prove helpful. Perhaps other people have had similar problems that service center.

Consider: do you know, for sure, that that card is really from your laptop?

Unfortunately, someone may simply be trying to take advantage of you and the overall terrible situation in your country.
May 14, 2022
the service center, upon my request, provided only these photos ... DM photo part2 Unfortunately, there are no photos with macro photography and the other side is not visible. I will ask them for such photos again.

I understand that this damage looks rather strange, but some of the experts with whom I spoke admitted the possibility of burnout of the components. Of course, they ask for a video card for analysis, and they assure that with the help of a microscope it is possible to prove that this is just burnout or that this is mechanical damage. Since it is now very difficult to transfer components to Ukraine, I thought that it would be more logical to conduct such an examination with unbiased experts somewhere in Europe. I have never come across such cases before as I am a regular user and therefore asked for help.

I know for sure one thing that any possibility of mechanical impact is excluded. Uuntil the onset of symptoms, I never opened the laptop and never gave it to anyone. I know this for sure and the very fact of burnout would explain everything in this case.

I think everyone will agree that making such a hole intentionally or accidentally mechanically is simply ridiculous and stupid, which can force the user to do such a stupid thing if the laptop is under warranty.

Laptop was transferred from Ukraine to Dream Machines service Poland and then they move it to Dream Machines Germany but as far as I understand this is the Clevo German Service Center.

and of course, I requested a reconciliation of serial numbers in order to understand whether the video card was replaced at one stage or another. Unfortunately, when buying, I was given only an invoice with the serial number of the laptop and the serial numbers of the components are not indicated anywhere. Service answer that judging by the date, this is most likely my card, which I am selonian to believe in, since the laptop boots up and works fine until the CUDA are loaded, then under certain conditions the laptop shuts down abruptly. And when running on battery power, there are no problems and no freezes. Therefore, I discard the possibility of replacing components.

my laptop worked fine for 2.5 years and then it suddenly turned off when working with graphics. Even if I went crazy, took a screwdriver and poked it into the video card, what is the probability that the card would work after that, how could I get into the power circuits from the power supply? Of course, I understand that it is very convenient for the service center to take such a position, but I am sure that I did not do such stupidity and there must be some way to prove that I am right.

I also asked to check the origin of the video card in order to exclude that the refubrished card could be installed in my new laptop. I know how some brands trade it, but I was assured that Dream Machines uses only new cards in new products. And even if I imagine that they installed a card with a hole, it would hardly have worked normally for 2.5 years, so I think that burnout is the most logical real explanation of my case. And then what form it can be or not, I ask specialists to figure it out, but only independent and not interested.

I have been corresponding with the service for 2 months now, and taking into account the difficult time, I just practically despaired. I am accused of what I did not do, and I have the impression that everyone understands that I did not do it, but due to corporate interests, they simply take advantage of the situation. Namely, I am a victim in this situation - due to a technical factor not my fault I was deprived of my instrument, and what is the most depressing - they also accuse me of complete stupidity what I didn't do and do not want to fulfill warranty obligations.

I am also trying to understand the relationship between the Dream Machines and CLEVO brands. It turned out that the Dream Machines brand sold me an extended 3-year warranty for my extra money, but i have a suspicion and the brand CLEVO recognizes only 2 years, and that is why my case may not be solved. I accumulate all these data and I will be ready to use them as arguments.

that is why I intend to seek justice and try to understand the ways in which this can be done

thanks for the support!