My 200 GB got screwed when installing XP


Feb 12, 2005
I reformatted my comp with XP Home (no 48-Bit LBA Support) and my 200 GB HDD got screwed.

This is the case:

I had Xp Home ed. with 48-Bit LBA Support.

My drives looked like this

C: 120 GB NTFS
G: 200 GB NTFS

I wanted to have a fresh XP install on C, so I reformatted it.
Before I reformatted it, I moved my important files to G:
When I booted from the XP CD it listed the disks somewhat like this:

Partition 1: 20 MB FAT32
Partition 2: 119 GB NTFS

189 GB Unknown Format

So G: got listed as D: now, and it said Unknown format.

I removed the partitions on C, and made two new ones, one 20 GB and one 100 GB.

Then I choosed to install XP on the 20 GB partition.

When it was done and I rebooted, and the XP install program started, it told me that the D hdd was damaged, and it started to change a lot of files.

IE, like this "Deleting orphan file record segment 18046" and so one
I waited and when the comp. rebooted and I got into XP, I saw that 35 GB files was missing on my D: drive (previosly G:).

I have now installed SP1. I guess this happened because of the lack of 48-Bit LBA Support.

Can I recover my missing files on D: ? When I browse the disk in XP, many files and folders are gone!

If I run Directory Snoop I can see all my folders and files (those who are missing)
But I can't see them from Explorer.

Can I recover my files?


Dec 8, 2002
A perfect example of why one should disconnect other HDDs while installing the OS.

There are programs that claim to be able to recover files. Here's one of them:
<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

....WW (5.0)

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