Question My 4TB WD Passport won't connect and is making beeping noises, can anyone help me? Cheers

Oct 27, 2020
Can't return it either, it doesn't have any data on it so if it breaks no harm. If any of you crazy [CENSORED] have a crackpot burn-it-all method which might work, let me know. May as well try then let $200 non-refundable go down the drain without some fun, by god it best be fun though - I have been tricked to purchase a faulty non-returnable product. Adam Smith be damned. Marx be damned. People are not good to their customers - and worse to their storage devices I guess.

Anyway, to conclude. Got a 4T WD passport with no warranty no more and am willing to try anything (including supernatural methods) to fix it. If any of you tech wizards have any ideas let me know,

Love and kisses, Uncle Tommy Boy