[SOLVED] My 5700xt stops working when NOT playing games.


Aug 15, 2019
I have an XFX RX 5700 Xt Thicc III Ultra.
Intel 9700KF pinned at 5GHz
16gb 3600MHz memory
750W Gold PSU (~1 year old)

For what ever reason, whether I just turned on my PC or if I played a game for a few hours, if I don't play a game for a short period of time my GPU stops working properly.

If I try to play a game after not playing one for a bit, the GPU turns of for a second and I just get a black screen. Then it will turn on for another second and then black screen again.

And yes, my drivers are perfectly up to date.

I don't get any black screen issues if I'm just on my desktop doing anything e.g. watching youtube or using discord.

I really can't find any other similar problems exactly like mine. I know and have experienced the typical 5700xt black screen problems before, but how this works is just really odd. I wouldn't have a clue what would cause it.

If anyone else has problems like this it would be nice to know that it's not just my GPU.

Can't wait to get rid of this thing for an rtx 3000 series card.

Edit: Restarting my computer fixes it until it happens again.