Question My 5800x and CTR 2.1 RC5 - what's the point?

Sep 3, 2021
Hello everyone

My CPU has been running a little bit too hot for my taste, more than before, I think the last few BIOS have increased the temperature by 5º (msi x570 meg unify) with all stock settings with XMP. So I decided to install CTR 2.1 RC5 to try and lower the temps.

I let it run the diagnostics, and it created the profiles for me. So far so good. I activated the profiles, left it on the AVX preset because apparently it's more stable.

Ran R20 and R23, single runs, and my temps were fantastic, a good 10º lower than before, in some instances with even better scores.

Now, after all this that sounds fantastic, on CTR 2.1 RC5 itself I decided to run the built in stress test. After some 9 or 10 minutes it informed me it failed the stress test. And that was the end of it. It didn't prompt me to alter the profile settings, or to run diagnostics again to maybe change the settings to find stable profiles or anything, it basically left me with 'you know those profiles we just created? Yea, they are no good'.

So my question is, given that whatever magic it does is apparently unstable, hence useless, and I'm not tech savvy enough to manually tinker with it, I suppose I simply revert to default and uninstall it then?


For the sake of relevance, I performed a BIOS update on a Crosshair VI Hero for a client of mine and cross-referencing the CPU-Z and HWMonitor data I took screenshots of showed that the voltages set to AUTO are much higher in the latter BIOS updates. I didn't have time since the client was getting anxious which is why I couldn't tinker in BISO for a manual voltage input+ stability testing.

Undervolting or optimization is best left to the user and not a software. I was on another thread where user was asking if an undervolt that was suggested by CTR 2.1 in essence they could work but you will need to perform trial and error runs to verify if those numbers specified by XYZ person or app hold true. Then comes stability testing with stress testing apps if you made it past the OS booting sequence. In all this, what are the specs to your build?

Please list your specs like so:

include the BIOS version for you motherboard, the OS version and the case's airflow, as well as the ambient room air temperature.
Sep 3, 2021
Hello, thanks for the reply

CPU: 5800x
Motherboard: MSI x570 meg unify
Ram: 32gb CL16 3600mhz XMP on
SSD/HDD: C: 500gb M.2 samsung 980 pro, D: Sabrent rocket 4.0 1TB m.2, F: sandisk sata ssd 1tb
GPU: Zotac RTX 3080 trinity OC
PSU: Seasonic focus GX 850
Chassis: Fractal Design meshify 2
OS: windows 10 home

I assembled my pc around Christmas time last year, and, regarding the bios, I recently rolled back to the 7C35vA8 version from 2021-01-25 (Update to AMD ComboAM4PIV2 ).
The reason being, that with this bios, I would and now can run R23 10 minute test at around 80-83º. With all the bios that came after that, my temp spikes to 90º immediately during the test and I don't like that very much at all. I'm not sure what msi is doing with this.

AIr temperature is aaround 22 or 23º. Reagarding airflow, the meshify 2 is quite for it but I'll attach a picture:
Sep 3, 2021
I just did the r23 10 min test for both multicore and single core. The results were good and the temps were amazing. around 35-37 idle, during single core test 55-63, and the most impressive of all, during the 10 min multicore around 75-77º.
It didn't crash or had any issues with the profiles on in this case, it's just very unfortunate that the built in 'stability test' on CTR 2.1 seems to fail near the end.
I'll attach another image of it to show the profile values and such.