Question my AMD Catalyst app only shows "Pinned" and "Presets" options

Oct 28, 2020
Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated.

System Information :
AMD Radeon R7 370 2Gb
Intel i3-6100 @3,7 GHz
Windows 10 Pro version 1607 UNACTIVATED

(This was the first time I ran a game on this PC)
I was running a game ( the game was Ravenfield, in case the information is needed) on Steam when I noticed that the frame rate was strangely low. I went to open MSI Afterburner to see the GPU utilization. only to find that the game was using Intel Integrated Graphics instead of my GPU.

In an attempt to make the game use the GPU, I reinstalled the newest drivers using the Adrenalin 2020, and from there opened the AMD Catalyst Control Center. And that's when I saw that the only options available were the "Pinned" and "Presets".

Some other things that I noticed while trying to fix this on my own and some extra information that I thought might help :
  1. The R7 370 appeared in Device Manager under Display Adapters, but it doesn't appear in DxDiag.
  2. The AMD Radeon Software app is also missing a lot of options that should be there. When I tried to launch the game from there it also utilized the integrated graphics.
  3. No, I haven't tried any other game other than the aforementioned to see whether it also encounters the same problem. But I've ran the game before on a different pc using the EXACT same GPU (as in, the exact same UNIT) and it worked.
  4. I tried to disable the integrated graphics to see whether I can force the display into using the GPU, but instead it only uses the CPU without any graphic tools nor using the GPU.
  5. I use Advanced SystemCare 14 and turned off autostart on almost every service including AMD and Intel services, but the integrated graphics and the CPU don't seem to be affected, so I doubt it has any effect on the GPU either.
  6. I use a pirated version of Windows 10 Pro and I also have a problem in activating it officially (Error Code :0xC004F074). I planned to get a product key but if I can't activate it, then what's the point. I'm also looking for answers to this problem but right now all I care about is getting my pc to utilize my GPU.
You may ask for more information (Screenshots, CPU-Z data, etc.) and I'll answer the best I can.
Again, thank you very much for your help.
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