Question My AMD RX 480 GPU crashes while running Unreal Engine 4 games

Nov 13, 2020
Hello guys. I'm having a problem that I'm dealing with for about 2 years now.
The problem is about my GPU, which is a RX 480 8gb overclocked by MSI (gaming x). I'm not claiming I can expect much from it now, yes I know, it's pretty old. but it still can run many games on medium settings and I have recently finished games like RE8 or RDR2 with quiet nice quality without much problem.
But The thing is, that whenever I install games that are made by Unreal Engine 4, almost in 9 out 10 cases, no matter how demanding or easy to run the game would be, I'm facing one similar problem. As soon as I enter the game, most of the times even as soon as getting to the main menu, or sometimes by entering the game itself, suddenly my card's fans begin to roar loud, and my monitor's screen turns off and goes into standby mode and I practically can do nothing but to push the power button with my finger and turn off the system, then turn it on again.
I remember once somewhere I read this is a problem that AMD cards have with UE4 when the fps of a game is uncapped. and yes in some cases, when i go and find user setting ini file and there lock the fps to 30 or 60 by editing it manually (with a lot of search and asking in other forums about how to find it etc) I can finally enter the game but no matter how small or light the game is, it runs just trrible with a lot of stutter and micro freezes .
but these past few months almost any game with UE4 even with capped fps crashes for me. for example Psychonauts 2 which i recently installed crashes immediately at main menu, no matter if I cap the fps or force the vsync through amd driver etc.
So what should I do? where do you guys think the problem is?
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