Question My Asus k53z laptop works sometimes then stops booting after sudden total freeze --- is my CPU dead or motherboard ?


Aug 16, 2019
The laptop sometimes turned off with white screen pattern slowly covering the screen and it happened during normal operation as well as when rebooting and entering bios. The laptop just stop working after a while.

Now the display get turned off and total freeze of the system as keyboard lights like capslock fails to work as check. I have used external displays as well.
After this white screen problem the laptop works for a day during which I play a moderate graphics he on it "NFS the run" as a check and it worked fine. I will mention though all this time I have prevented overclock on my CPU and limit it 1.4ghz.

Another change I noticed is the laptop keyboard only work in bios and stopped working after windows boot during which external USB port s also don't work. Like I can't select start windows Normally option and had to wait for the timeout. I am thinking of changing my CPU but I want to make sure the CPU is the problem.

My system specs are:

AMD Apu a6 3420m
GPU AMD Radeon 6520g,
8gb ram
700 gb hard drive

Also I have checked swapping the ram and I have checked the hardrive as well on other PCs.
I am confused as what needs to be replaced CPU or motherboard?
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