Question My asus rog swift pg278q is acting weird!

May 12, 2021
Hi there, I have the rog swift mentioned above since 2017 and it was working like charm. Recently for about 2 months, it’s started to acting weird, it started with that when it goes to standby mode or restarting the PC, it never turns on. I had to unplug and plug back the power jack on the back of it. Then it didn’t turn on at all. Searching on the internet saw many people saying it’s AC issue, I bought a 3rd party AC that fits it from amazon and tried it, the AC light goes on but the monitor is dead! I took the monitor with both ACs to a nearby technician since it’s out if warranty, he tried it on the new AC first and it worked with no problem, tried with the old AC and it worked as well, I asked him to try a different power cord and it worked! Took it back home tried it and it worked, removed the power cord and plugged it again and it didn’t work. Since it i’m trying it on multiple power cords and PSUs but it never worked again. What could it be?