My ati video card fails because of microsoft visual c++



Do I really need microsoft visual c++? I can't update my video card because of a conflict.
Do you mean that when you tried to install the drivers, Visual C++ failed? I had that happen in my last install, but it ran fine after reboot (maybe it was already installed). A little more specifics, please.


I have Visual Studio 2008(C, C++, C#,VB) on my system and here's how i update my ATI driver to get around with the .Frame conflict. Third party software such as drive sweeper don't address this issue.

These procedure works...Even if you don't have Visual-Studio in your machine.

Say for example you are to upgrade from 9-6 to 9-7 ATI driver...

To Un-install and old driver (example 9-6)

1) Log in as Administrator account
2) Open a command prompt
3) Go to your ATI drivers , likely in the location as shown on 4


/* The 9-7 or new software package can un-install the older. The line below will apply. In fact this is what i did the last time */


4) Type "ATIsetup.exe -Uninstall"

5) This will un-install ATI drives in command Prompt
6) Log out and restart...

To Install New Driver (Example 9-7)

1) Login as Administrator
2) You will have big characters and icons as your system will be on default VGA mode.
3) Open a command prompt
4) Go to your ATI drivers , likely in the location as shown

5) Type "ATIsetup.exe -Install - output screen"
6) Let the process to complete... You will see series of dots walk on the command screen. When completed the default ATI installation summary will be displayed on the screen.
7) When complete restart and login.... The PC should run with new ATI driver.

That should do it....

To display the different option on the ATI installer you can type
" ATIsetup.exe -?"

Please provide a feedback if you manage to address the problem from the responses you get from this post.

Good Luck