Question My battery capacity dipped from 38Wh to 36Wh. Is it bad?


Dec 3, 2017
Hello, I'm using a brand new ho notebook 15 for about 6 months. At it's buying time, the battery report showed that it has about 38Wh worth of capacity, but now it's showing just 35.9Wh. Is it a sign of my battery weakening? Also, my bios is giving me just 2hrs of battery life in windows and 4hrs of battery life in Linux. I recently gone through the settings and made all unnecessary options off(though I would like to know more tips) and it's barely showing 3 hrs. Should I get worried??

I'm posting the battery report with this thread.
You're overthinking the things. Enjoy your laptop. As long as you get close to published runtime in Windows (since this is what vendor is claiming), you're OK.

The sad part is that even if you contact HP, you'll be told that batteries are not covered under warranty in most cases.
Batt remaining is usually a ball-park reading, not to be taken literally, is a guess based on your usage so far.

Battery may needs replacing if it's <85% health, and getting close to 500 charges cycles. Although my dang MacBook battery is at 1,100 cycles but that's Apple$$$

U know a battery is done for when it dis/charges very quickly.



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