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Question My Boot media device won't boot properly on my PC :( ( Corrupted Windows I think )

Jul 10, 2020
I'll try to make it short

When I don't plug the USB boot media, it acts normal and asks me to Insert one ( because it can't find Windows, corrupted I assume ). However when I plug the USB boot media, it boots, and for around 3-4 seconds I do see the Microsoft logo, and then it goes black, and the computer resets... It will do that forever, rebooting itself again, and then trying to load the USB boot media, Microsoft logo for 3-4 seconds, shutdown, reboot, etc...

Here a few things I checked already

- The BIOS has the good priority, USB is first, and it does try to load it when the USB boot media is plugged

- The BIOS DOES detect my HD, and also the USB boot device

- Thinking my SSD HD would be bad, I literally bought another one and also another cable to plug in the MOBO / no changes actually

- I made another USB boot media, and it does work in my other PCs, just not the one I'm trying to fix

Here's a video showing the loading and what it does, if it helps :
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RHW8pqVhag&feature=youtu.be

I'd appreciate any good advice !
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