Question My Brand New Build Randomly Locks Up and Gives Memory Beep Codes - Help Me Diagnose?

Feb 3, 2021
So to start with, I think this one is on me. I changed out MBs at the last minute and went with the ASRock X570 PG Velocita board, Ryzen 9 3900X, and G-Skill Trident Z Neo RGB RAM 32GB (8x4) XMPed to 3600. This was on the QVL for the board I originally planned on getting, but I failed to confirm it was on the QVL for the Velocita...and it is not. Now on to my issue...

Everything is super snappy and runs great. Except I have received a few beep codes I have yet to be able to fix on my own. When I first booted, I was able to post and install Windows, and it still loads back up and functions perfectly fine (though the boot sequence takes about 30-40 seconds, which is longer than I expected). However, when I am watching YouTube videos with other tabs open which didn't even stress my old PC and doesnt stress this one spec wise, it will randomly seize up, the mouse locks, and it initiates a reset. It did this only once while I was playing Civilization VI, but numerous times with YouTube now. I am running AIDA64 to monitor specs, and my random shutdowns are definitely not from running crazy graphics settings in a game or overstressing/heating.

On to the beep codes. At first I received two beeps during boot and noticed that was a Parity Error. So I re-seated my RAM and it changed to three short beeps which indicated a Main Memory Read/Write Test Error. Turns out I had one module not snapped all the way in due to my CPU cooler being so close. I fixed that issue and that is when it changed to one short beep which it has been doing ever since. I have never booted this PC without a beep of some sort, but I am able to operate normally aside from the random crashes which only seem to happen during streaming type activity? Only once during a game. I looked up the single beep code and found disinfo telling me this was normal during boot. After the crashes started happening the past day or two (PC is about a week old) I looked it up again and found that one beep on the ASRock bios actually means Memory Refresh Timer Error.

My assumption is that the RAM modules are either incompatible or bad. I value any and all thoughts the community here might have for me. Thanks in advance!

P.S. This only happens randomly. I could watch YouTube or play games for hours before it happens.
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