Question My brand new DRAM causing crashes errors and freezings in games


May 23, 2022

My build:

Windows 11
Mobo MSI z390 gaming plus
CPU i5 9600kf ( not OC )
GPU rtx 2070 super ( not OC )
RAM DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 3200hz 16cl 2x8GB CMW16GX4M2C3200C16
Dysk SSD SAMSUNG 980 pro 1tb
SSD SAMSUNG 970 Evo plus 512 gb ( windows )
PSU be quiet power zone 650 wat

I bought additional RAM for my build after 2 years from building my current PC, previously ive had just 16 gb DRAM in my built and nothing ever bad happened till upgrade do 32 GB

I bought exactly the same models of RAM to be sure that there won't be any bigger problems but i was wrong. After dram upgrade i reseted my windows completely to get more surrance. Installed few games and here we are, The Witcher, warzone, GTA, RDR2 and all of the time freezing after few minutes on my PC, funny part is that that only games are freezing not whole the PC so if there is possibility to kill the task i do that but it not always possible cause the task manager not always opens

When using PC normally, surfing net, movies etc. there is no problem and i don't see any weird drops of perfomence.
I made the memtest 86+ which showed up with several dozens of errors ill put the report below.

The biggest amount of errors are shown when all 4 sticks are in

The ,,old" one sticks are not giving any error alert when memtest is running only with those two stick inside.

When I replace the old one with new once it doesn't matter if they are places in A1 B1 or A2 B2 there are some errors

Im going to test my dram in single sticks so I can more clearly tell which one is causing troubles. Do you got any other ideas what can I do else to check or repair my problem?

Or should I start RMA Process?

Serial numbers:
The first buy DRAM

The second buy DRAM to upgrade (after 2 years)

I will test memory again in different configurations and I'll see what's gonna happend

If you want 32 GB, the best thing to do is buy a 32 GB kit.....either 2 sticks of 16 gb each or 4 sticks of 8 gb each.

In a single kit. One item.

The serial numbers don't matter.

But it may be that the money would be better spent elsewhere on your PC.
Hey there,

Yes, RMA those immediately. There's no point wasting time. If your old ram works flawlessly then it really points to the two new ones. When you tested them, they showed errors. Chances are you will not get them to work properly, without some playing with bios settings to see if you can get them the play nice with your old ram.

RMA. However, the lesson here is about mixing DIMMS, even if they seem the same. They are not guaranteed to work, only in a kit.

You might think of getting a 2 x 16gb kit, and then selling your current ram to offset the cost. That way you ensure the new kits will work together, and hopefully with your mobo.


May 23, 2022
Yes, man i know now that i made a mistake, stupid mistake, return it to shop won't be possible now and I'm wondering if there is any fine option to deal with that :/
You can try reducing the speed of the RAM, loosening the timings and/or increasing the DRAM voltage. You might be lucky and get them to run stable together. Obviously the reducing speed and loosening the timings does give up some performance. Ultimately when mixing it kits there are no guarantees.


May 23, 2022
Funny part: i just made memtest again with new kit just like before on A2 B2 slots and.there was no errors. Before there was 10 errors...

What the hell is going on?
It's possible to try various combinations of timings/voltage through the bios. It's not for the faint hearted, and having a good knowledge of what the timings do, and what to change is needed, otherwise it can yield up crashes left and right.

Start off with the voltage at 1.35. Change only the 5 main subtimings and leave everything else on auto. Then reboot and see if they work. Remember to only change one thing at a time, and then retest. If you do more than that you might forget what you've changed and make things worse or potentially better. Try the loosest timings first to give both sets of DIMMs the best chance of working together.
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