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Feb 23, 2018
Sorry I wanted to share a story but I didn’t know which category to post it so I went here, please correct it if it’s in the incorrect thread, thank you!!

Hello everyone on Tomshardware, today I just want to share my experiences of building gaming PCs over the past 4 years. It’s been a blast and it still is today learning about new things and having to build different types of pc it’s so fun.

Here’s my story on what I’ve experienced on building PCs for the past 4 years, get ready for a long one...

How it all started...

During the year of 2017 I had a basic laptop and I just started getting into gaming such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox. I downloaded PUBG pc on my laptop not knowing that it won’t run since I was so inexperienced on PCs and realizing that Intel HD 620 wasn’t meant for gaming.

So I decided my journey on building my first pc but I was jobless and having to earn money was extremely hard. But at my grandmas house I saw this desktop laying in her living room unused and it had a “Nvidia” sticker at the front panel of the pc and I thought to myself “wow it’s Nvidia I heard they were good for gaming,” so I then asked my grandma if the desktop is unused and that I could take it and she said yes. After that I was so happy and excited to build my first gaming Pc.

But I ran into many problems...

First off this desktop was an Emachine dated back 2008. It had a celeron 450 cpu, 3gb ddr2 ram, and some old IGPU from Nvidia. I didn’t realize how old this pc was and thought it was still upgradable despite its age but I was totally wrong. I thought maybe I could buy a i3-8100 for this pc but first thing I learned was the different cpu sockets on motherboards so of course it wasn’t compatible. So I then bought multiple core 2 duo CPU’s because I didn’t know much and so far only 1 worked which was a e7400 core 2 duo, but at least it was a major upgrade from the celeron. I then did research on ram and learned that increasing the amount of ram improves performance. Without doing extra research in which ram was compatible on my pc I bought 8gb of ddr2 SERVER RAM so basically ECC registered I think, also not knowing that my MB only supports up to 4Gb of ram. When I got the ram it didn’t boot up and I couldn’t return it huge bummer... So I gave up and focused on upgrading my GPU, again I was very new to this so I went to Best Buy and bought a GT 710 because I thought it would be enough for me. I installed it and it worked out smoothly the problem is I can only run roblox and Minecraft both on the lowest settings, fortnite I tried so as PUBG but couldn’t run at all.

I stuck with the parts for a bit and worked with my dad to earn money for my build and collected coins to redeem them for extra money. I then had enough for my dream card at the time a GTX 1050 2gb GIGABYTE GPU on Amazon for 150 dollars. After a few weeks I finally got my hands on the 1050, but another problem came up again and that was........ Bottleneck which is another thing I learned when building my PC. You see my e7400 couldn’t keep up with my 1050, Roblox, Minecraft ran fine but fortnite and PUBG didn’t like it at all.

I was trapped, confused I didn’t know what to do, the e7400 was the best CPU I could get with the motherboard I had in the Emachine, I had no choice but to upgrade to a newer platform...

(Also I’ve joined this website during 2018 because I needed help with my emachine, here are the old threads.)

Then starts the a new pc build...

After some time I’ve decided to sell my enchine for 80 dollars without the GPU of course. I’ve posted it in Craigslist and lucky enough someone actually bought it. I then went to search for a new desktop and I came across this Asus desktop that you’ve seen above.

It was being sold for 70 dollars and everything was listed functional. I went to ask my siblings if they could take me to the location to pick up the desktop and so we went in and I got it.

I was so excited and finally maybe things will go out smoothly, or soo I thought....

When I opened up the desktop it had 4Gb of ddr3 ram, a core i5 550, and no GPU, but it had this thermaltake old TR psu. The desktop did turn in but it made this loud buzzing noise, luckily I still have my new insignia psu I’ve bought from Best Buy for 40 dollars (and I thought it was good). So
I then used the insignia psu and it worked flawlessly even with my new gtx 1050, but my CPI was still weak so I had to get a better one. I then found a core i7-870 and to me I thought it was very powerful being an “i7” despite its age. Again saved money took weeks and I finally got my i7 and again a terrible problem occurred, my mobo fried.....

You remember the insignia psu I mentioned earlier? Yeah that was the culprit it turns out, after doing more and more research I learned that you need sufficient power when it comes to upgrading a component in you system.

Do you also remember the basic laptop I mentioned in the beginning of my text as well? I also decided to sell that for 250 dollars on Craigslist and after about 2 weeks someone was interested.

Got the 250 dollars and decided to rebuild my pc again, I know I could’ve just get a better platform but again I didn’t know much so I stuck with the same platform again.

Then comes the 3rd pc I’ve build (rebuilt more like)

Yeah I went overboard with the cooling and fans, but I thought it looked very cool and I had extra money so I got it.

You can see that the GPU is a GTX 770 I know I had the 1050 but I sold it for 100 dollars because I thought reference designs looked so cool so I got the 770 and I thought it performs better. Then again they both perform the same just the 770 consuming more power and having less support, I didn’t realize that till later.

Though finally I can run all the guns I’ve wanted to play while
Pubg and fortnite i couldn’t max it out.

Core i7-870
8gb ASINT ddr3 ram 1333mhz
Samsung Evo 850 250gb
Corsair cx650m

After staying with that build for almost i year, I then realized that my platform was close to being obsolete and this is when I started playing GTA 5 and it didn’t like my pc so well. I then sold my pc for 350 dollars and within a week someone bought it.

My 4th pc.... (I didn’t build it just bought it like this.)

Core i7 2600
Gtx 1060 6gb
16gb of ddr3 ram (forgot brand)
SilverStone 450 sfx psu (later upgraded to a Corsair sf450)

I forgot what type of storage I had on this pc...

When I got this pc MY MIND WAS BLOWN AWAY. First having water cooling both CPU and GPU while the GPU was modded with a kraken G12 much quieter than my 770 reference.

This time I could finally play all my games with no problems, it was small, sleek and really quiet with that packed a punch, I was very happy with this pc.

Although I decided to take a break from gaming and I stopped playing for awhile, I had huge regrets selling this pc instead of saving it for later because I was so busy with others things.

It’s been about a whole year since I’ve had a pc now and I wanted to get back to it again...

A new beginning...

New year starts a new build once again, although I was really in a huge budget since I didn’t save much for a pc. But a friend of mines gave me his H510 case and my sister bought me a RM750 psu (thank you sis), so all I had to do was buy an HDD, CPU, GPU, RAM, and a motherboard under 200 dollars...

So I then found these on eBay
Core i5 2300
8gb SuperTalent ram
Some 500 gb HDD
An LGA 1155 MSI motherboard
Gtx 1050 OEM

Luckily enough I had just about enough and I waited for them to shipped. And I got my hands on it and played my games again, sure it’s a downgrade but I was fine with it, but I decided to upgrade again...

5th build, new motherboard, CPU, and GPU, upgraded ram as well.

I decided to sell the other parts I had and saved up for better parts, with that I’ve gotten a better motherboard that fully fits nice in my ATX case cause it looked weird when I had my micro MB in a full sized ATX case. More so I’ve gotten 16gb of ram, gtx 970, and a core i7-3770, I then decided to go further into building my pc.

Which I currently have...

Cooler master q500l (HOT BOX, but it’s ok)
Core i7-3770
16gb XMS3 ddr3 1333mhz ram
GTX 1070 8gb hybrid FTW
Toshiba q pro SSD
Toshiba HDD
RM750 (2019)

So far I’ve finally build the pc I’ve could ever dream, still it maybe be a bit outdated but I’m very satisfied with the build and I’m very happy with it too, I can finally run all my games at max but some games I would want stable and high FPS for competitive gaming. Other than that I can also run MC with shaders as well it’s so beautiful.

I still look back at the other builds I’ve done and it does make me tear up seeing how far I’ve gotten, but I think this time I’ll stick with this build for a long time.

Thank you to those who came those far, I’ve just wanted to share my story that’s all have a good day/night and be safe everyone, again thank you very much!!!

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Not everyday people come around and try to thank the community for the assistance they've given and where they've lead the OP to. It's nice to see what you've done but I'm sure you should thinking about more improvements since that i7 non K suffix processor can only do so much.

On another note, can you include larger images? I can't imagine how hard it's going to be for people with higher res should look into having at least a 1080p image ;)