My Cd case was stolen and can\'t find my product key


Aug 17, 2012
Im confused cos it's usually Placed ontop of my Laptop with all the other Disk's but for some apparent reason it's just mysteriously Gone missing just recently whilst i had some Visitors around.... From that Day onwards i haven't built that sense of trust with anyone not even my closest friends which is such a pity because i'm not that type of person....Sad mujjj :(


Mar 10, 2006
Well if we're talking Windows product keys, on shop bought oem systems the sticker is usually on the machine (I've seen it hidden inside a HP netbook before though). If it is your windows key and your laptop is working, maybe now is a good time to make an image of the drive somewhere. There used to be a handy freeware utility called ABR (Activation Backup and Restore) which worked on Vista and I think there was a beta for 7. This backed up the keys and let you restore them, handy with he legally downloadable media for doing a nice clean install without all the oem rubbish.

The above will only be of use if you have a legally licenced machine and it won't help in pirating, these forums don't support it and rightly so.

You may be able to contact Microsoft I guess and explain that your Windows disk has been stolen, if your machine is legal and validated they may be able to change the key you have and prevent your stolen licence from being activated (an oem one probably wouldn't work unless they had at least the same brand of laptop, a full retail version might cause you trouble if they manage to activate as it can only be registered on one machine at a time).