My cd player (internal multi-drive) does not play past 75 seconds


Mar 3, 2010
Good Morning,
Love you, love your show...
anyway. I have recently replaced my internal multi-unit I had thought had problems on my HP Pavilion Slimline s3300f. I have that unit maxxed out with 4 gigs ocz, nvidia gforce 9500. operating legit install of windows vista ultimate 64 bit.
I went to play a cd.
the song jumped and began seeking the following selections. I put another cd in. same thing at 75 seconds, seeking another selection.
played cd's in laptop, stereo, no problems. I replaced the internal cd multi drive and put in one with bluray. same thing, except, played even less. Although, it plays dvd's and blurays flawlessly, it doesn't like the cd's (all original cd's).
I "uninstalled it" from control panel's device manager, then did a search for new device. it automatically found it. I forced the autoplay to windows media. I inserted a cd. it played past 1:30 so i skipped to next song. it began playing that selection, then, began seeking the following selections.
I did not notice this till after i installed itunes (so my child can upload her cd music to her ipod).
shoot me an email if you have time.
Thank you.


Sep 24, 2009
That's normal, at that point it's time to put in another quarter.
Uninstall itunes ? may be a copyright issue thing, there were updates on microsoft recently, at least twice for multimedia copywright issues.
put another quarter in.