My Comp doesn't seem to turn off...


Sep 10, 2006
I just noticed this but if I turn my computer on, then turn it off, when I try to turn it on again it lags in the BIOS during the memory check.

So in an effort to find out why this was happening, I tried turning my comp off and then turning off the power supply. When I turned it back on, it didn't lag in the BIOS. However, when I turned it off and turned it on again (without turning the power supply off) it lagged again. It seems unless I turn the power supply off after shutting down, when I turn my computer on again it always lags during the BIOS memory check. It also doesn't seem to turn off completely like my other comps, though that may just be me misunderstanding something. It still seems to be connected to the router despite being off and is transferring something. I'm wondering what is going on exactly and how I can avoid my system lagging without having to shut the power supply off completely.

This problem wasn't around earlier, it only seemed to start recently. I have a Gigabyte M59SLI-S5 (BIOS version F7).