my comp is screwed?


Dec 10, 2004
ok so i was online yesterday (not using any resource hogging programs or anything like that) when i hear a noise come from my case. I knew that noise could not be a good thing obviously. a few seconds later my comp crashes, and then shuts itself down, and i smell a little bit of smoke coming from my case. I try to turn it back on but no luck, it didnt turn on.about an hour later i try to fix it, I figure it is the video card so i take it out to see if it turns on without the card, and to my surprise it does. So i put it back in, and try turning it on again, and once again it turns on. About 5 minutes later it turns off again. I open my case and i feel the video card heatsink and its pretty hot, then again i dont know how hot it can get in 5 minutes so maybe thats normal. I dont know whats wrong with it now, and im afraid to turn it back on, please help me.

Btw my specs are (sorry for not being too specific, i cant really remember them all):

Radeon 9800 pro
athlon xp 2700+ with barton core
512 ddr
cant quite remember the mobo

thanks again


Look to see if the noise was your hsf falling off, and hitting something. If that's what it was, you can probably put it back on, and get back to it. If on the other hand, the noise was more electrical, you probably fried your psu.
The first thing you should do is look and sniff around your parts. If you see something that looks burned, that is probably the problem. If you get a bad smell, try to isolate it.


Dec 31, 2007
I agree with Endyen. It sounds like a fan failure on your power supply. Maybe the whole PSU fried. It could be the fan on the CPU heatsink too, but I've never seen a lot of smoke from one. Videocard heatsinks are always hot, thats why they put fans on them. The good news is it's fixable once you figure out which fan fried.

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How hot was your video card? If it's really hot, chances are the fan on it quit.

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