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Question My Computer freezes at the motherboard start up screen every time I boot and turns black screen.

Jun 18, 2020
I turned on my pc and I noticed my pc froze on the motherboard startup screen. I tried restarting and it kept freezing at the same screen over and over again. I went to google and tried many solutions but found no one with the problem I have. I testing my ram sticks and swapped hard drives it still goes into black screen. I went to the back of the case everything is connected. I tried ctrl alt del at the black screen nothing happened. I tried to get into the bios but I couldn’t. I tried esc at the startup it still freezes at the motherboard startup screen. I still can’t find a solution to the screen freezing. I think it’s a motherboard problem because I can’t get pass the motherboard press f2 to enter bios screen but I’m not sure because I don’t have secondary parts to test with. I can’t get into the bios.....

-Asus gtx 780
-Intel i7-3770k
-Maximus V formula/ thunderFX motherboard
-32 gigs Corsair Vengence 2800 mhz ram
-Cooler Master H100i aio
-Cooler Master 750 watt 80+ gold fully modular psu
-1tb seagate Barracuda hard drive