My computer freezes


Jan 23, 2013
I recentley downloaded a movie off the internet sincd then my laptop will freeze after a few minutes of using any application. I've run virus scans with malwarebytes and Microsoft security essentials they both found one item and removed it . I have full functionality in safe mode with networking. I deleted all files I installed that day a did a system restore too but still the problem persists. Any advice before I bring it to a pro would be great
Before you do a virus scan, disable system restore as some virus can save their copies in the SR folder from where they can restore themselves after the antivirus has deleted the original..

1. Try another antivirus, Microsoft's Security Essentials is adequate but not good enough. Avast, Avira, AVG, and number of other free antivirus are better than MSE. Set the antivirus to scan the system during the next boot. How to:
2. You can also do online virus scans in safe mode with networking,
3. also delete the temp files from the temp folders, and the Internet temporal files.. all favorite places for virus.
4. and disable startup programs.
5. To delete Internet Temp files: Control Panel \ Internet Options \ General tab \ Browsing History \ Delete.

To delete temp folders, Start\Run\type: "%temp%" delete all file there and next go to Start\Run and type "temp".

If the infection persists after doing al this, scan with a AntiRootkit