Question My computer goes unresponsive when opening games.

Feb 21, 2019
So Since I built my new PC I have been having problems with opening games. Every time I open a game my monitor says there is no signal. If I leave it to continue black I can eventually get to the game menu screen but every tab I hover my mouse over we go back to a black no signal screen. To get it to display any signal I have to open a help screen (control + Alt + delete). Sometimes this process works and the game displays fine but It is based on chance. Sometimes it takes one try others it takes like six trys. I am wondering if any of you have an idea to what this issue could be? Could this be a process of transferring from 60 Hertz to 144 hertz? Would this be a monitor problem or a GPU problem? I thought it was a power problem but even if I upgraded power supplies it still would do the same thing.