Question My computer is not letting me reset windows

Apr 3, 2019
So basically the problem occurred this morning when I was trying to play siege and next thing I knew my computer kept freezing and wouldn’t let me launch things up but eventually launch the same thing about 5 minutes later it was to the point I couldn’t even watch a YouTube video so I tried moving my ram around unplugging a few drives disabling some of my startup programs but nothing seemed to work sometimes it would only work smoothly for about 1 minute then go back to being practically unusable. Which left me the last option which was to reset my computer but now every time I try it send me back to the beginning of the setup process. PLEASE HELP
It will be helpful to have some information about your system.
It could be that the Windows Recovery image is offline or corrupted.
You could reset the PC from a Windows 10 media installation instead.

You could also try to repair the Recovery Image.
Go to Settings>Update & Security>Recovery>Advanced startup and click Restart now.
Select Troubleshoot>Advanced options>Command prompt.
Select the administrator account and provide its credentials.
In the Command Prompt window, type following commands:

cd %windir%\system32\config press Enter key.
ren system system.001 press Enter key
ren software software.001 press Enter key
Exit press Enter key
Back in the Windows Recovery Environment, click Continue to boot into Windows. After your system reboots, try to reset your PC again.