Question My computer is randomly turning off and wont turn back on

Apr 16, 2020
So about two weeks ago my computer would randomly shut off but I could just turn it back on and all would be fine but recently it would turn off and it would take 20 minutes before I could a display out of it (All computer lights will turn on but their is no display) but today it randomly shut off and after about 2 hours It turned on but less then 5 minutes later it was off again I have re-slotted my GPU, I have done a CMOS reset and I have cleaned out all dust in my computer. I thought that it was just over heating because it seems to only happen while I am playing games, but now I think that it might be a driver issue that is causing it to shut off, I remember seeing in my Radeon overlay that their was a update but I did not install it because I was doing something .
CPU- AMD 1600x
MB- ASUS B450 (not sure on exact model at this time)
RAM-2x8GB ddr4 2666mhz
PSU-Corsair 500W
GPU-Radeon Rx 580