Question My computer is stuck on the motherboard screen.

Apr 7, 2022
Okay so this all started a couple days ago—my computer crashed with the windows blue screen of death and I thought nothing of it. After it restarted, my computer would only boot into bios. I found out that my motherboard was no longer detecting my m.2 ssd for some reason and therefore couldn’t boot windows through it. I tried moving the m.2 around, but it didn’t help. I looked it up and then decided to update my bios but now my computer just starts and gets stuck on the motherboard loading screen. It’s not frozen because I can ctrl alt delete to restart it, but it won’t load into bios or anything else. When I remove the m.2 ssd, the computer gets past the motherboard screen but brings me to another screen with red text and tells me to go through a setup and reset the bios. I have no idea what to do. Is my m.2 ssd broken? Should I just replace it?