My computer keeps clicking and wont start?


May 15, 2009
Ok so my hardrive clicks atleast i think its my hard drive.My computer would click a few times during start up and sometimes vista woulndt load its would say put from disk. But a few restarts took care of that. THen it started clicking like crazy and would not start at all so when i did get it to start i wouldnt turn my computer off. But it got unplugged and now it says theres no hard drive when i go in to the setup. But when i turn it one it says please wait while windows loads when its done the bar under the vista icon keeps loading and stops and clicks and just keeps doing that over and over and thiers no vista icon. What is it do i need to buy a new drive. i have a small 40 gig drive that i installed xp on about a year ago now when i plug it in that screen pops up saying the computer was shut down wrong and when i click start nomrally it freezes. Even if i click the other options and if i wait for it to start on its own when it gets to 0 it freezes. Can someone help me? thanks.


I'm also thinking it's your hard disk. What kind of hard disk is it? And, for that matter, what's your motherboard?

Perhaps you can test your hard disk by buying a hard disk enclosure and putting your hard disk into it.


May 7, 2009
Is it a new or old hard drive? A "clicking" hard drive is not a good sign.

In fact, it is a sure sign of a failing/most likely already failed hard drive.

a) Stop trying to get it to boot, especially if there is data on the drive you hope to salvage.

b) Get and install a new drive as primary and the old one as slave.

c) Boot from the new drive and try to read/copy your important data from the old (now slave) drive.

d) Since that probably won't work, decide whether your data is worth the significant cost of engaging a data recovery service.