[SOLVED] My computer only recognizing half my ram

Feb 24, 2022
I built this computer in 2014 and still works great but i literally just noticed that when i check the settings, it only shows 8GB of RAM. I have 2 sticks of 8GB in my slots but when i entered the BIOS, it only says 8GB of ram. when i investigate further in the advanced settings, the DIMM slots for my RAM show only 4GB each....meaning its only reading half of each stick. why is it doing this and what can i do to fix it so that it reads all 8GB of each RAM stick i have installed? The computer should be using 16GB of RAM right? somethings clearly not right.
It only shows 8Gb of ram because that is all you have. You don't have 2 8gb sticks, what you have is an 8GB kit containing 2 4Gb sticks for a total of 8gb.