Question My computer posts but the monitor does not receive signal.

Feb 12, 2023
I am helping my friend build a pc and the monitor is not receiving signal.

Specs are as follows:

CPU: i5 13400F
GPU: ZOTAC 3060ti twin edge
MB: H610M - E - D4
RAM: 16GB 3200mhz 16CL
SSD: Crucial 1GB
Cooler: Arctic Freezer x co
PSU: 850W Gold plus

The computer posts without any beeps and all fans from the system are running and the pc stays on until shutdown.

We have reseated every component in the system aswell as the cpu.
We have cleaned the blades for the ram and the gpu.
We have resetted the cmos battery.
We have checked that the monitor works on the previous pc and both dp and hdmi cables are working fine.