My computer randomly locks up or freezes unless fortnite is open.*NOT A JOKE

Oct 3, 2018
I'll try to test it out on other games but this is really annoying. I suspect it's some sort of ram issue but I don't have the faintest clue onto how to fix it. It usually happens after 20 minutes of the computer being on without fortnite open. As soon as it freezes sound stops playing. This is my computer ( except it is windows 10.
Fortnite is one of those strange applications that heavily load the CPU and GPU even when it is minimized, so both will be running at boost clocks whenever the game is open.

It is perfectly possible for your system to be stable only at high clocks as voltages are higher then. If this is the case then you could run Prime95 (which also loads the CPU up like fortnite would) indefinitely with no problems but suffer odd crashes at idle on the desktop.

Without a BIOS that allows you to tinker with voltages or disabling power-saving low clocks, your only option is to start swapping out parts as the 1-year warranty is almost certainly expired.