Question My computer restarts without warning when playing a game

Aug 17, 2020
I have built this computer about a month ago and have been having this issue many times. My system will shut it self off and turn back on without warning when playing Rainbow Six Siege, but if I play any other game like Just Cause 3 or Madden then there will be no issues. I also ran the Heaven Benchmark on ultra settings for 30 mins and I have experienced no restarts. Only when I play siege I have this issue. I also sent my computer to Geek Squad 3 times to see if they could fix the issue. They told me that all of my hardware components work and they have no idea what the problem could be. I have checked all of my temps for my CPU and GPU and they show no signs of overheating whatsoever. I have also reinstalled windows and did all the tasks most websites recommend me to do when encountering this problem like disabling fast startup and such. At this point i'm probably just going to sell this computer's parts if there is literally nothing else I can do.


Intel i7-9700K

Nvidia RTX 2070 super

Msi Mpg Z390

Corsair CX750M

Corsiar H100i Platnium

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB



Since you have Corsair CXm-series PSU in use, at best, it's mediocre quality PSU.

Going with new PSU most likely would solve your random shut down issues. Though, the rest 10% of occasions contain OS/software issues (clean Win install most likely fixes it), main electrical grid issues (getting UPS will fix that) and there's always 1% reserved for the ghost in the machine.

For a good quality PSU, look towards Seasonic Focus GX/PX or Seasonic PRIME GX/PX/TX series, in 650W range.

The thing with PSUs is that they are the most important component inside the PC since they power everything. And when PSU goes sky high, they also have ability to fry everything they are connected to. Though, good and great quality PSUs are built with utmost care and it's rare event that they take any other component with them. While with crap quality PSUs, you can see nice fireworks when they go out. E.g like in this video:


While it would be ideal that everything could be fixed without spending money, some fixes still need replacement units. And while your PSU works on most of the time, i'd be concerned what happens when your PC looses power. Sudden power failure can cause data corruption and i don't know about you, but for me, my data on my drives is far more valuable to me than 100 bucks (cost of Focus GX i mentioned above). That, and when sudden power loss continues long term, it also damages rest of your components. MoBos are especially sensitive to this since MoBo is usually 1st to go when PSU has issues. And replacing a MoBo is one tedious thing to do.
Aug 10, 2020
Since everything else works but one game, it probably is bad code in the game. Have you tried YOUR game on a different PC? What makes you think that same code wouldn't take down a different PC?