Question my computer sounds like a typewriter and always uses 100% disk


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You might want to give us some meat to the potatoes, please include the make and model of your drive as well as it's age. Also, can you check and see what OS version you're on assuming you're on Windows 10? If resource monitor shows that your disk is at 100% usage in spite of the system being idle, then what you have is known as a memory leak which is found on Windows 8 and above and can happen due to a corruption of the OS.


Jun 5, 2020
do you mean a clicking sound? if so then it is a sign of a failing hdd... but if it's louder than i think it is it could be a case fan.

how strong is the vibration? doubt a failing hdd would cause much vibration... or not as strong as im thinking it is. if vibration is particularly strong it must be a case fan.

but, i haven't had an hdd in a long time, so take my word with a grain of salt.


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Would be good to know where the source of the noise and vibration are each coming from. Are they both the same, or are they separate issues?

We will need more feedback in order to have a better idea.

To note - standard hard drives will vibrate a bit while operational, they have rotating mass inside, so while they are very balanced, there is still a slight vibration as they spin. If this is very noticeable or noisy from the drive itself, that is reason for concern.

This also could be a loose fan, wire hitting fan blades, a mount which is a bit loose and vibrating...many things. We need more detail.