My Computer sounds like its gonna BLOW!



Hmmmmmmm so i took my computer apart today to see what i need to replace in the computer case. My computer brand is Dell Xps 600 i have had this computer for at least 5-6 years now. My fans sounds pretty good still but it is best that i replace them. So i came across my Cpu cooler and my Cpu. I removed the brackets that holds the Cpu cooler to the Cpu. My Cpu is Intel pentium D which i will replace sooner or later. So yea i took the Cpu cooler out of the bracket to check for any damages. It still looks good to me. But when i put everything back together *I DID NOT REPLACE THE THERMAL PASTE (DO I NEED TOO?)* So now i start up my computer WHIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRLLLLLLLL the computer is really loud its like all fans are running at max speeds. So any idea sorry if im going all over the place in this topic im new.

Dell xps 600
Intel pentium D
4GB Ram DDR2
Win 7 32-bit
When you removed the cpu you broke the bound between the heatsink and cpu that has been together for 5 years. Putting the heatsink back on without cleaning the old stuff off and putting new compound on is causing a gap between the heatsink and processor basically rendering the heatsink useless like this. The CPU is overheating now and the bios is trying to cool it by maxing out the fans. Pentium Ds run really hot as it is so disrupting the heatsink is really bad. You must clean off old paste with alcohol and a Q-tip and wipe it clean with a coffee filter or some sort of lint free cloth and reapply thermal compound.