Question My computer stops being responsive after closing an app after extended use. All processes in Task Manager show 0% and I cannot open any new apps

Aug 12, 2022
Any time I close an app (Final Fantasy 14) after extended use, my computer stops being responsive to new apps. Anything that is open at the same time as the app, Chrome / Discord / iTunes whatever continues to work completely fine with no indication of lag or any problem at all - however I am unable to open almost any other app and my computer even refuses to restart via power options. The only way to fix it is to hard reset via the button on my tower. This doesn't happen with any other application and I'm starting to worry something is failing.

I have tried Malwarebytes, CCleaner, I ran DISM and sfc /scannow and nothing has changed the outcome. If anybody could help me diagnose this I would really appreciate it.